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Statement on Rob Street's Separation From Harvest/Trulieve

As some of you may have learned, Harvest was recently purchased by Trulieve. As part of their restructuring they have decided to reduce their presence in Nevada and California. This includes completely exiting the Coachella market effective immediately. Feel free to read more in this Trulieve press release. However, I wanted to take the time to briefly address what this means for my future.

Harvest has served as a great place for me to hone my cannabis knowledge while gaining experience and connections throughout the vast California cannabis Industry. Over the past 3.5 years, I’ve managed dispensaries in both Los Angeles and Palm Springs and have built so many great relationships which I look forward to expanding on and working with in numerous new and exciting ways. Although Trulieve has left the Coachella Valley, I’m still your man for the cann(abis). Sorry for the dad joke. I’m excited to announce that we’ll be working on some exciting projects through Smoke & Sound our cannabis lifestyle platform and in partnership with Green Dragon dispensary, which I recommend that you check out for your cannabis needs, don’t forget to use our promo to get a 15% discount . You can get the discount by signing up on or below. Major shoutout to all the Coachella Valley cannabis professionals as there is no place like our canna-land, let's keep it growing!!

At Smoke & Sound we will be announcing our dates for our 420 Karaoke events. Also through our affiliation with HiBNB we will be working to bring more cannabis friendly short-term rental options to the Coachella Valley. In addition to my local cannabis work, I am happy to begin my career as a real estate professional with Windermere Desert Properties.

The plan is to start by helping medium-income families find the joy and dignity of homeownership. Multi-millionaires are welcome as well! My hope in real estate is to ultimately combine my knowledge of cannabis and real estate to transition into commercial real estate with a focus on the cannabis industry. It’s safe to say I’m extremely excited about the future!

I would like to end this update by thanking my team at Harvest of Palm Springs for their dedication and loyalty. Additionally, excited to announce that a number of them will be joining Aigner and I over at Icon City Entertainment. Upward and Onward!!