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 In 2013 when Icon City was first formed as a means for the music distribution of one artist we didn't know that non-profits, educational Institutions, and small businesses of all sorts would one day come to trust us with creative marketing and management of their signature events and initiatives.


For That, We Both Remain Grateful

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C. Aigner Ellis

My first mission at Icon City is to develop opportunities for underrepresented creators and entrepreneurs; as well as to strengthen the connections between them.

Vice President of Operations
Rob E." Street

Equity hiring and ownership in formerly regulated as well as new industries is alway front of mind for me.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin services?

Give us a call or fill out the contact form.

Where are you located?

We have interests in Palm Springs Ca,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, CA, and Atlanta, Georgia. 

What is Icon City?

Icon City Entertainment is a creative marketing management and content creation company and be further broken down into the following four divisions. 

1. Creative Marketing services include graphic, website, and logo design.  Additional audio and visual production services are available independentely or in conjunction with related services to create in-person brand activations. 


2. Creative Management agreements include consultancy agreements, talent management and talent buying agreements, in addition to  adminstrative and production staffing support. 

3. Content Creation includes the independent news and editorially styled videos and music and articles distributed through Icon City News which includes a content platform for cannabis enthusiast and #FunnyMoneyRock an LGBT music platform.  

Team Members

We are Hiring!!

Looking for an experienced Executive Assistant

Aigner is looking for an enthusiastic and creative executive assistant. This person should have a strong background in customer service and technology. This position requires dedication and attention to details and ability to be able to work independently without supervision.

Send Resume and CV's to:

Korin Holden

Los Angeles Brand Development

Korin Holden works tirelessly to identify and develop equitable partnerships with underrepresented creators and leaders in the Southern California market. Her commitment to diversity and inclusivity helps us forge meaningful connections in the industry.

Jadea Lee

Production Manager

Jadea Lee serves as our brand liaison for Philadelphia. She plays a pivotal role in establishing partnerships with underrepresented creators and leaders in her market, reflecting our commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Gino Cantellano

Production Manager

Gino Cantellano heads our Southern California production team. His effective management skills and keen eye for detail ensure that our productions meet the highest standards and exceed expectations.

Mark Jobe

Director of Photography

Mark Jobe began specializing in architectural photography, originating in the lower village of Montecito, California after three years of photography studies at Brooks Institute of Photography just down the way in Santa Barbara, California. The education he worked diligently to attain there, coupled with his Communications degree from the University of Texas at Austin, not only gives Mark remarkable educational experience but unique skills that allow him to communicate, collaborate, and technically deliver the desired outcomes to a wide range of diverse clients and projects.

Eric Dickerson

Production Assistant

Eric Dickerson, our production assistant, provides crucial support to the production team. His hard work and dedication contribute significantly to the successful execution of our projects.

Our Mission

In the Icon City Entertainment Organization, we believe that all people deserve the opportunity to chart their own professional destinies regardless of culture, sexual orientation, or access to resources.


  That is why we focus on empowering creators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from underserved communities, through strategic partnerships in production marketing, management and content creation.

Our Businesses 




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