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Why Choose a Retainer Plan with Icon City Entertainment?

Icon City Entertainment, a dynamic organization committed to empowering artists and entrepreneurs from underserved communities, offers a comprehensive suite of services. From web design and social media management to merchandising and video production, our team is dedicated to amplifying diverse narratives and creating visuals that inspire change. But how can you best benefit from these services? The answer lies in our retainer plans.

The Power of a Retainer Plan

Engaging Icon City on a project-by-project basis might seem appealing to some clients, but those who truly want to maximize the advantages of our services should consider one of our retainer plans: the Entrepreneur plan, the Elevate plan, and the Enterprise plan.

Each plan offers a different number of billable hours and turnaround time for requests, allowing you to choose a plan tailored to your needs. As opposed to non-retainer clients, retainer clients are serviced at a discounted rate of $40 per hour and are given priority when it comes to turnaround time. This means faster service delivery and more value for your money.

1. The Entrepreneur Plan

The Entrepreneur plan costs $1,000 per month. Designed for small businesses and emerging artists, this plan offers a cost-effective way to access our diverse range of services while keeping your budget in check.

2. The Elevate Plan

Priced at $2,000 per month, the Elevate plan is perfect for growing businesses and artists ready to take their brand to the next level. With more billable hours included, clients can expect an enhanced level of support and strategic guidance.

3. The Enterprise Plan

At $3,000 per month, the Enterprise plan is our premium offering. This plan is intended for established businesses and artists looking for a comprehensive, high-level partnership. Clients on this plan will receive the most billable hours and the quickest turnaround times.

For clients who require our services on a project-by-project basis, we also offer a non-retainer option billed at $60 per hour with no discounts or prioritization. However, the value offered by our retainer plans far outweighs this option.

A Plan For Success

By choosing a retainer plan with Icon City Entertainment, you're not just buying a service—you're investing in a partnership. You're aligning yourself with a diverse team of professionals dedicated to your success. To put it simply, you're prioritizing your vision and entrusting it to a team that understands the importance of representation and inclusivity.

Icon City Entertainment is more than a service provider; we are advocates, allies, and partners in your journey. Don't just choose a service—choose a path that acknowledges your unique journey and empowers your voice. Choose Icon City Entertainment.